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General knowledge on: Rubber Seals, Gaskets & O-rings

Diaphragms are flexible barriers commonly used to seal and isolate an enclosure between moving and stationary parts. They are utilized in different applications, such as regulators, shock absorbers, pumps, air compressors, and pressure sensors. >> More about diaphragms here

Static diaphragms separate two fluids with little motion or pressure; and dynamic diaphragms form a seal between stationary and moving parts, and transmit pressure.
More about diaphragms

Reinforcing the diaphragm with a fabric adds strength and sensitivity with minimum thickness. Special tooling is used to manufacture fabric-reinforced diaphragms from different materials and fabrics, including drinking water certified compounds.>> More about fabric-reinforced diaphragms

A back-up ring is a rigid ring that holds an elastomeric seal to its designed shape, and in its correct position. They are not seals themselves, but are commonly used with O-rings, lip seals, and as reciprocating shaft seals to prevent them from extruding through spaces while under pressure. >> More about back-up rings

Oil seals prevent the leakage of oil, grease, water, chemicals, and lubricants and can be specially designed to withstand extremes of temperature, retaining their sealing properties. >> More about oil seals

O-rings are made in a variety of colors for a number of reasons: to distinguish between different materials and parts, to improve visibility of specific parts, and for design purposes. In the case of rubber O-rings, black carbon is already part of the compound so it needs to be removed and replaced with a different colored pigment. This is a complex process that can change the properties of the material if it is not done with precision. >> More about O-rings here

It’s a continuous cord of elastomer material, sold by the meter, and used to create non-standard O-rings. Techno Ad offers O-ring cord in all standard AS568 and ISO 3601 sizes, and also in non-standard sizes. It’s also available in square, backup, X, and other cross-section types; and in various materials, dimensions, hardnesses, and colors. >> To read more on O-ring cords

An O-ring splicing kit is required to create O-rings from cord.
Calculate the length of the cord required with the following formula:
((OD+ID) / 2) x Pi = Length where (Pi = 3.14159)
>> Learn more about our O-ring cords

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