ISO 13845

Undoubtedly sealing solutions are a key element in nearly all industrial applications; however that’s even more fundamental in the medical and pharmaceutical industries.

Medical devices must ensure their products exceed minimal requirements, aside from quality, assurance and low contamination levels, products should also demonstrate mechanical performance and chemical resistance. And that’s precisely why Techno Ad blows the rest of the competition out of the water - not only does it meet all requirements, it exceeds them by miles.

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    What additional attributes does Techno Ad offer as a sealing manufacturer for their medical devices?

    Techno Ad engineers have years of experience in designing and producing medical rubber components for use in pharmaceutical manufacturing, diagnostic and surgical instruments and other non-implantable medical devices. In addition, Techno Ad can create a new design, may re-engineer existing technologies or can create custom parts based on a customer’s design.

    • Fast response, engineering and technical support
    • Short lead time for local production
    • 24 hour delivery time for items in stock
    • Express delivery for custom shape products, in our local plant
    We just successfully completed the long process of obtaining ISO 13845 certification for Techno Ad. It was a pleasure working with you!
    You’re great and professional people to work with.
    Dan K, Applied Solutions for
    Quality and Standard Systems

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